Nutrition & Weight Management

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Open to Members and non-Members, as well as non-Personal Training Clients, this Nutrition & Weight management program is perfect to help compliment your training and lifestyle, allowing you to fuel your body correctly whether your goals are, general health, fat loss, endurance, or muscle gain, while still accounting for the fact that you have a life to live. Dispelling the many myths around diet, we aim to teach you about how your body works and responds to the foods we eat everyday.

Included in the membership:
Body composition testing and ongoing analysis
Activity analysis
Macronutrient profiling
Weekly stat check ins
Weekly food diary feedback
Ongoing changes as required
Access to our private nutrition group
Constant support
Full Re-test every 12 weeks

Initial set up is £40.00 pounds and includes the first month. Billed £20.00 per month thereafter.

Please contact for more details about getting started, or click below to book an appointment:

Nutrition & Weight Management

This program is included in Personal Training package options Bronze and above. Separate purchase to access the Gym and Classes is required.